Elizabeta Zubčič is a dedicated and gifted artist whose professional career has spanned more than two decades. She finished High School of creation and photography in 1984 and graduaded at the fashion designing department (FNT), under prof. Metka Vrhunc mentorship. Through that time she developed precise touch for every single piece, from the sketch to the real thing. Since the 2001 she has been invited to work for national tv station where she keeps estetic and consistent looks for moderators in tv news and educational programs. As a costume designer she keeps events and documentary films roles looking as genuine as possible. Every dress, suit for special occasions and clothes for everyday wear is intelligently crafted and spaned from simple daywear to eveningwear, from play with texture, shape and form in mainly natural fibres.

Her passion for creative and modern wear design is infinite.

  - Collection designed for Vezenine Bled and other companies
  - Designing profession clothes and uniforms for companies Nama, Brivnice & Česalnice, many Security services, Ministry of Justice and other companies
  - Dress Selection for Miss Slovenia 1997
  - Dress Selection for Miss Slovenia 2005
  - Dress Selection for Miss Slovenia 2006


Seliška c. 6
4260 Bled, Slovenia, EU
+386 (0)31 665 142



Photography: F. Grisoni
Design & Music: A. Rozman
Coding: K. Teran